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City Park Project

Historic Christoval reminds us of a simple past.  One of happy friends and family gathering to swim, fish, canoe, hanging out in the parks and at the low-water crossing.

For over 100 years, historic City Park on Main St. has hosted gatherings and created memories…and now it’s time to breathe new life into the beautiful tree-covered park by providing a setting to build relationships and memories, a safe & cozy place for people to play regardless of age and capability, and a space to develop greater community health for every visitor, one-by-one.

Christoval City Park is a “Beautiful Place to Gather and Grow."

Please join in the excitement of the like-minded volunteers who are driving this effort- Moms, Dads and Grandparents just like You. Our goal is to provide a wider range of recreational and community-gathering space opportunities. 


We hope we can count on your support and that you’ll consider a tax-deductible gift to the Playland Park Foundation.  All contributions are critically important to moving the City Park improvement project forward.

For detailed information regarding improvements and funds required,

please call Sylvie Pate at 214-533-5556

PO Box 302 - Christoval TX  76935

city park map.jpg

Planned improvements include: 

Pavilions, one for private parties and another for playscapes, covered picnic gazebos, volleyball and horseshoe courts, vendor

spaces, permanent restrooms, a walking trail plus a “mister”…a tower to shower visitors with cool, clean water on a hot day.


Your Help Is Needed!


Parks are critical to having an enjoyable, thriving community.  Much like great schools and churches, parks bring people together.  Being part of the indefinable glue that makes a community not only a “place”, but a hometown.  

To move the City Park improvement project forward, your help is needed! We've been able to raise our initial seed money and have begun applying for state-funded grants…while demonstrating to area foundations and other funding sources the commitment of the community to this exciting project.

If you agree to the benefits of having children enjoy a multi-faceted park with adults spending quality family time…even seniors who enjoy strolling under the heavily-treed space, please help realize this exciting vision!

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